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Zuteh Rail Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Solec Kujawski, was established at the beginning of 2015. It is a company with Polish capital specializing in providing services in the field of broadly understood technologies of combining various materials used, among others, in the construction of rail vehicles, in particular air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. We are both human and organizational prepared for the design and implementation of original solutions in the production of rail vehicles. Possessed technologies and obtained certificates in the scope of: ISO 9001-2008 quality management, gluing skills in accordance with the requirements of DIN 6701-2 in class A3 and welding in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 in class CL-1 guarantee the highest quality of products manufactured with us. Due to the experience and potential of our staff, we would like to offer you cooperation which, we hope, will allow you to optimize production costs while maintaining the high quality of our services

Przyblizajac szczegółowo oferowane przez nas usługi pragne wskazac, iz zajmujemy sie:

  • construction and technological development of technical documentation;
  • laser cutting and bending of metal sheets on a CNC press brake;
  • joining materials by gluing in A3 class (aluminum, stainless steel, constructional steel, plastics);
  • joining steel constructions by MIG, MAG and TIG welding;
  • joining materials by riveting;
  • welding, welding studs;
  • drilling and milling;
  • turning;
  • powder and wet painting